El lugar de la imagen: diálogo estético entre pintura y cine. Una aproximación en el hecho cultural

Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía, 37 [on line]

Perez Goiri, Iker

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián
115-128 p. : il. ; 24 cm. - (Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía ; 37)
1137-439X; eISSN: 2243-9940

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The following study proposes a dialogue of aesthetic roots painting and cinema, in order to find meeting points in their structural and plastic realities, as incarnations of a sensibility and with sensorial character, that allow the thought and research in the imaginal world that they construct and open as perception bias. In this way, we try to discover, in these relations, their common background of places of the image, in which it happens as a cosmos in itself, unraveling its nature of synthesis interiority and exteriority. The research will be developed through the following four paradigmatic guidelines: the cave paintings of the Paleolithic and its relation with the cinematographic reality; the territory and the landscape opened in an image as a framed place, of aesthetic event; the study of light, its visibility and resonance; and the life of the forces that happen and make the image up as inner vibrations of a vital pulse. This article is a study proposal and is presented as an approach and research framework.

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