Euskal Festak Zestoan 1898

Euskal Festak Zestoan 1898

Alberro Goikoetxea, Lucia

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The objective of the work titled "Euskal Festak Zestoan" is the analysis of Basque Festivities that took place in September of 1898 in Zestoa. Together ; with the floral games created by Antoine d´Abbadie, the main promoters of these ; Basque Festivities were the so-called Itz-jostaldien Batzarrea from Donostia, that ; were entrusted with the literary contests, and the Diputation of Gipuzkoa, that ; were entrusted with the cattle fair. To appreciate the importance of this type of ; Basque Festivities one has take into account the impact that the loss of the ; statutes (Fueros) had in the Basque provinces and the response or renaissance ; that took place in these territories as a result thereof.
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