Exploring Resilience Patterns amongst National Minorities: Fromt he Historical Representative Assemblies (1812-1877) to the Basque Parliament (1980)

RIEV. Cuadernos, 6. The Making of Parliaments: 19th and 20th Century, Europe and America

Agirreazkuenaga Zigorraga, Joseba

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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In Europe, within the nation-states there are other national-regional parliaments. The coexistence of multi-level parliaments is a challenge. To explore the longuedurée of the Representative Assemblies of the Basque Country we will employ resiliencethinking. There has been a capacity over the last 200 years to deal with change and, aftertheir abolition in 1877, to build new Representative Assemblies and new Parliaments: the Basque Parliament and the Foral Parliament of Navarre (1980)
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