Fetichismo topográfico en "Alas de mariposa". (En torno a la imaginería de la madre arcaica)

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía


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Donostia-San Sebastián

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The present study uncovers certain hermeneutic fundamental aspects on the representation of the monstrous womanliness in the film Alas de mariposa. Psychoanalytical analysis demonstrates that the adhesion of this film to the horror gender is based on the representation of womanliness itself in terms of topographic fetishism that establishes a meaningful association between the topography of the sordid family house and the intra-uterus imagery of the archaic mother. The imagery of the mother is conceived as a maximum exponent of an abject mother, in order to cogitate up to what point the film´s meaningful practices transgress there presentation codes of ideological patriarchal imagery in which are they are registered.
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