La formación periodística al margen de la Universidad. Resultados de la Agência da Boa Notícia Guajuviras (Brasil)

Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación, 17 [on line]

Gurrutxaga, Guillermo; Cantalapiedra González, María J.; Iturregui Mardaras, Leire

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia ; Leioa
BIBLID [eISSN 1988-3935 (2019), 17; 65 - 78]
1137-4462; eISSN: 1988-3935

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The Agência da Boa Notícia Guajuviras delivers a four months training course on journalism for young people in a neighborhood in Canoas (Brazil). The aim of the project is to fight violence. This research uses qualitative techniques such as participant observation and in-depth interviews to analyze the progress made by these students, who are able to produce and broadcast works on platforms such as YouTube.

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