La imagen del político como estrategia electoral: el caso de Albert Rivera en Instagram

Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación, 16 [on line]

Verón Lassa, José Juan; Pallarés Navarro, Sandra

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia ; Leioa
BIBLID [eISSN 1988-3935 (2017), 16; 195 - 217]
1137-4462; eISSN: 1988-3935

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The research examines how the Instagram social network has become a key political marketing tool for working the candidates’ personal brand. It focuses on the case of Albert Rivera, president of the political party Citizens, one of the new political groups that have broken into the Spanish political landscape in recent years. The study covers a period of one full year between October 2015 and October 2016, comprises two consecutive electoral appointments and concludes the day that Mariano Rajoy is inaugurated president of the Government. The starting hypothesis is that Rivera's strategy in Instagram is focused on transmitting a more personal, natural and close image with the users than in spreading their work. For this purpose, a code of analysis has been applied to each of the Instagram publications included in the study period.

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