La marisma en la ordenación del estuario del Deba

Trabajos sobre Ordenación y Gestión del Territorio de Euskal Herria, 1

Albizu Beitia, Isabel
; Amezaga Arregi, Ibone

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Since ancient times marshes have been used in various human activities (mainly in agricultural and urban activities) thus turning them at present into one of the scarcest and most deteriorated ecosystems in the Basque Country. This fact, together with the considerable ecological and landscape importance of such natural enclaves has led the Department of Environment of the Basque Government to spare no efforts in their conservation and recovery (Sectorial Territorial Plan for the Wet Zones in the Basque Autonomous Community). However, in the Deba estuary there is still a conflict of interests in the planning and management of the marshes: conservation as against destruction due to a new bridge that connects highways GI-638 and N-634.
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