Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación

Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación, 12 [on line]

Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación, 12 [on line]

Author[s]: Etxebarria Gangoiti, Joseba Andoni [et al.]

Publication year:
360 or. : ir. ; 24 cm.
1137-4462; eISSN: 1988-3935


It is always a motive for satisfaction to offer Eusko Ikaskuntza members in particular, and Basque society in general, contents of interest from our scientific section. In this edition an in-depth study is made of an area of evident current interest, such as the studies on the presence and impact of new technologies in the media. Other matters maintain a line of interest centred on the study and analysis of historical and current perception of Basque society, both internally and externally. These are all matters that currently tune in perfectly with the ideology that integrates us within Eusko Ikaskuntza, that is, the interest for research and world projection of our culture. 




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