Musiker. Cuadernos de Música

Musiker. Cuadernos de Música

Musiker. Cuadernos de Música

Author[s]: Zudaire Huarte, Claudio [et al.]

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As yet another contribution to the countless homages that have been made to the composer Luis de Pablo, from Bilbao, in his seventieth birthday, issue number 12 of Musiker Music Notebooks publishes four interesting articles that approach his music, and also his literature, from different points of view. His determinant work in the different fields of music is also reflected. This issue is also dedicated to Fernando Remacha, the composer from Tudela, and member of the 1927 generation, in homage to his important work as a composer and teacher. Other facets strongly rooted in the musical life of our people, in the world of organ music and choruses, have prompted his presence in the volume. Reference to his work with choruses, a detailed study is made of the repertoire that various Basque choirs have interpreted throughout the years, as well as the links that the Orfeón Donostiarra has maintained with Basque composers and their works. This volume also deals with other topics in connection with the figure of the composer and pedagogue from Saint Palé, Jean Iribarnégaray, author of the comic Basque opera Maïté, musical editions in the Basque Country, religious popular melodies in Navarre, etc.




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