Vascos en Chile 1520-2005. Euzko Etxea de Santiago

Vascos en Chile 1520-2005. Euzko Etxea de Santiago

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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All the information available in Euzko Etxea on the Basque presence in Chile is being compiled in the Santiago Euzko Etxea as from 1985. This work starts with the objective of documenting the wealth of material obtained throughout all these years. With this objective in mind, a painstaking selection has been made of hundreds of published texts and articles in order to summarise, in one way or another, the origin of this Basque home, its history and its contribution to the ; Diaspora. At times this may seem like a collection of isolated images, apparently ; without connection with one another, but which altogether provide us with a vision ; of various situations and eras. And thus we come with these Basque characters ; and their descendants from the times of the Conquest, to that of the Colony, ; Independence, the Republic and the present time. These are tracks one can follow ; and which were bequeathed handed down to us in this country by the Basques after ; four hundred and eighty-five years.
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