La artesanía tradicional, elemento a recuperar dentro del factor educativo de nuestro folklore

Jentilbaratz. Cuadernos de Folklore


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Donostia-San Sebastián

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It is evident that Traditional Arts and Crafts belong to the chain of elements that our folklore is composed of, and this is why when I speak of folklore I will certainly also say words like anthropology or ethnography. I shall use the word anthropology because such crafts are accomplished by men and women, and I shall say ethnography because if we speak of Basque traditional crafts, we are speaking of the crafts accomplished by a concrete people with an their own signs of identity. With the end of Franquism, traditional crafts have witnessed the birth of the nationalist model, and is shown as a differentiating cultural element. The first Arts and Crafts Fairs are set up in their current configuration. These fairs are a form of showing our popular culture and our folklore,especially to the urban world. By the mid nineteen-eighties the concept of ARTS AND CRAFTS begins to be regulated and the Regulations to govern this activity are drafted. Arts and Crafts become an exclusive responsibility of the Historical Territories between 1985 and 1988.
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